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what's up buddy welcome back to my boat
over safety is not born pert and today I
got this bubbly ding soda dings you know
very carbonated and bass weep very tasty
you know especially when you keep you
loved one of this right but let's check
out how much sugar actually in this
thing it says 55 grams you know from
around that you know but what is it
actually how much is there is there a
lot is it not much how about we going to
boil this thing out and see what's
actually going to happen because when
you boil out the water nothing stays
after you boil it out but if they're
how to come down from coke
States bunch of sugar we actually will
see how much sugar is left over in one
of this well let's get to it then we're
going to open one of this Oh should I
shouldn't have shaken it up but oh whoa
and grab it like that and put it in
there just one of this we're going to
wait till it boils out and see what
happens as you can see in starting to
get boiled we're going to have to wait
till it's boils out so we're going to
wait a while slowly boiling out so
hopefully it pulls out soon and as you
can see it so much done the bucket is a
lot dirty enough but you'll see when
how to come down from coke
it's all the way boiled out so this is
so much sugar from one little bottle of
soda you know that mean it's insane
bucum look how black it is it gotta be
sugar and all this other chemicals and
stuff but so every time you drink a
little bit of soda you pretty much eat
all the sugar and all this stuff
whatever inside of it so I put it away
from the fire and look at this stuff
this is stayed up
sugar look at this it's burnt but this
is so much clap is just from one little
can imagine so next time you want to
drink soda think of that video and you
how to come down from coke
know this is how much sugar and all that
kind of stuff you actually think every
time you drink one little bottle like
that of soda but imagine if you think
two-liter bottle well Y imagine let's
just boil it and see how much junk is
going to be in there so each but I'll
have 500 milliliters so two of them a
thousand milliliters and thousand
milliliters is a leader so if we got for
this that's two liters as you can see
full of this and now we're going to wait
till it blows out and see how much sugar
we're gonna have left with okay as you
can see it's have been boil out a lot
how to come down from coke
and we still have to wait another like
10 20 minutes and we'll see what happens
okay we're going to mix it up and you
see now it's boiling so weird because
it's so thick so we're gonna give it a
little bit till it's gonna get even
darker you see how much is smoking
because so the sugar is burning and you
see how much sugar there is oh oh looks
like our cooked it should but what you
know this is why you gotta be careful
this is what happens when you overcook
the sugar look how much shit Suzanne
look how much sugar in that isn't it
of course it's burnt sugar so this is
how much sugar left over in a soda drink
and 2-liter soda takes off the ink if
they have a bunch of sugar now so if you
boil it you see how much burned out
sugar left over and it's a lot and if
you drink it that everyday to lead us
it's really bad for you so that's a cool
experiment so next time you actually
know how much sugar you're going to
drink so it's for you to decide either
you wanna drink it then you don't care
or drink or not drink it because it's
more healthier all right guys that's
pretty much it let me know what do you
think comments below and as always don't
forget to subscribe subscribe to my
second channel links in description and
I'll see you next time begin to make the
ketchup bottle swell up and pop hold
yeah you should open it and see how much
it comes and they're gonna use it oh my
god put to much much kitchen did you do
you open the top aim it to the ground

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