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hello YouTube I'm going to show you how
to install add-ons for old or craft on
Mac first what you want to do is open a
web browser browser and go to curse com1
in the home page you want to find Mulder
warcraft you can find any add-ons that
you would like to have once the add-on
you like to have you will go to that
page so I'm going to go to grid and
download right here and then once when
you download you should have a zip file
like this for right now I'm just going
to grab it up bring it to my desktop so
trite here first we're going to do is
unzip it by double-clicking it should be
how to install addons wow
on the ankh are you Carver it on my card
oh ok say sorry um so it should be a
folder called grid or whatever it's
called posed to be called for the add-on
then you want to open a new Finder
window and type in the world warcraft
and it should be the folder old warcraft
go to interface addons and then this is
where all of your add-ons are stored
what you want to do right now is drag
everything into the addons folder ah
oops don't replace okay um yeah I'm just
going to delete that because I don't
actually want that add-on when ways
that's how you install add-ons I'm too
how to install addons wow
little ricotta i want to show you the
other way now the other way is by
downloading a game client that looks
like this and to get this clients it's a
lot easier than downloading downloading
it and then putting in the folder this
is what you need to do go to curse on
page go find a world of warcraft Starks
a little laggy if
then go to curse client download for pc
or mac i have a mac this is the version
for mac so you want to go and download
it download it but you have to sign in
before you download it because it won't
work so go ahead and sign up and it come
to here once when you signed up and be
logged in you download for mac and
that's about it very easy to do curse
client a lot easier you can find all the
add-ons just in the client it's a lot
faster time there's a lot faster thank
you for watching

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