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video hello everybody welcome to my
channel my name is JP r3 or Lonny and
today I'm going to be going to be giving
you guys some tips on how to trade what
to trade for all that type of stuff so
we're going to have five points here
learning the value of items finding
how to trade on roblox
items people desire obtaining the items
that people desire demand trading and
how to trade first off these are
learning value of the items it's
relatively simple they small items
usually go up more towards selling value
in the range of this this one is just
selling low it's sold for 200 someone
lowball that probably by accident this
is probably around 2400 value roughly
these are probably around 1,500 to 2,000
I'm not sure having traded for these in
a while this I actually want to buy that
cause I'm hoarding this item okay
someone already bought it let me try to
how to trade on roblox
buy this one okay there we go this is
about 1,500 it's just selling well right
now trying to inbound this is around a
thousand you just pretty much go
Shaggy's probably 200 170 to 200 it
sells one too many but but it's about
200 as well as this so these are I had a
tabs open of items that people desire
hair bombtastic
off so you the two bombtastic the hoodie
in the shades and we got the rainbow
mega top at the shaggy equal wha and we
met the crazy bot so I almost said Matt
but but those are items that people
desire that was work that was learning
how to trade on roblox
the value and finding the items next is
you have to obtain them if you had robux
I would suggest buying any of these hats
I'll go through once again so you can
see in case you want to buy some if you
only have a few hundred bucks I would
suggest with shaggy a cuddly koala crazy
crazy bought something some more links
of something similar to those next is
demand trading demand trading is um well
the items that have the most demand are
called well I call them demand items and
it's because people want them they have
a high demand they have a high desire
people want those items so they will be
how to trade on roblox
willing to trade more for them and
people a lot more people want them so
those were all demand items right there
that I just listed above and you want to
try to get those items so if you have
robots get those items or if you don't
have them try to trade for those items
next one is how to trade trading is
pretty simple but you always have to
remember that the person that you were
trading with is always going out for the
win for themselves so let's take a look
here in my trades that are inbound see
I'm giving 10 more wrap than what he is
giving he's trying to get the win he's
how to trade on roblox
trying to gain 10 wrap which is
understandable people do that um trade
dictor see he's again this is worth
20,000 the wrap is 16 but the value is
20 he's trying to give about 13,000 for
that he's trying to get the wind if we
go to my completed trades for liver
loads here okay
you see I created Big Time I gave 287
and I got 317 want oh that rose I did
win though before um this I actually won
on this clockwork shades have been
rising and I was nice and I gave this
guy roughly about you but I gave him
demand he just wasn't wanting here
wanting JJ relieved and I had four so I
did it for him and this as you can see I
got the win so you always want to try to
win but if you go too overboard people
probably won't accept but when you have
high demand items such as those what I
want profile here and show you the high
demand items always get trades so you
always want to go with high demand items
there for any of more rich like creators
who are more rich that are watching
items that are good or Sparkle x JJ
classic caloric clockwork shades
clockwork headphones fuse your fantastic
those all have good demand and all these
AG a good demand good demand good demand
good demand good demand good demand
those items all have good demand sailing
hat has decent neon Bob has a kitty
always has good saying with the rainbow
bonk a stick the hair and everything
else those all have good demand so I
hope that helped you guys on what items
you what you should get how much how
much they're worth what demand items are
what demand trading is and just how to
trade you guys want more trading tips
please come a boil and tell me guys
smash that thumbs up on make sure you
guys are subscribed to my channel so you
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guys for watching and please

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