How To Pull Teeth Out

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all right this is solid how old are you
Sarah shakes you are six all right and
what do you got you got a reggae teeth
the cow shit all right now saara will
show how to take out the team okay
jacquard you cheat all right what you
need to do is hold it like that uh-huh
and just do it one two three go now now
are going
hi guys mr. your easier and I'm back
over no matter how to do something like
a pearl so how to should be like a pro
will be how to pull your teeth out
without even touching them Here I am
with a video
how to pull teeth out
subscribe like and peace
so pull my tooth out let's go hurt
pretty bad oh oh oh
it looked tired
hello groups of Sangha
you pocket
for that week hello Anita way Oh move
back here Oh Ronnie you you cannot stay
the same Oh Shh oh it's be funny why you
guys move all the way back here
honey here
hey ma wait John Deasy todavia tengo
mucho tu Pengy mana oh ah you get it
how to pull teeth out
ready their mother by
yes come on yeah daddy can I see it let
me see your teeth let me see look at me
okay okay ready

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