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hey you're those pesky insects and other
varmints bothering you you've come to
the right place
solutions has the solution to your
problem hey my name is Keith McCoy
I'm with solution self chem if your
do-it-yourself or like myself hey you've
come to the right place we have the
answers to your problem cockroaches the
prehistoric animal in the insect world
hey there's a number of different
species of cockroaches one thing in
common they need moisture warmth
darkness and a food source come with me
let's take a look at one of these houses
how to get rid of german roaches
that's got some roaches let's go take
care of that problem first type of
application we're going to make is using
contact insecticide roaches live and
breed in cracks and crevices here we're
in the kitchen first thing we're going
to do is we're going to remove all of
the dishes we're going to locate the
voids and cracks and crevices and we're
going to use a product called invader
take this product we're going to inject
it inside the crack hoping that we get
roaches to flush out if they don't come
out don't waste your time there move on
to another crack remember we're hunting
how to get rid of german roaches
them they're not hunting us once you've
completed that we can use a product
called defense dust we're going to take
this product and blow it up underneath
all appliances refrigerator dishwasher
oven and then we're finished this dust
actually will lay down on the floor
roaches crawl over it pick it up on
their legs and on their feet when they
go back to the nest and groom themselves
they ingest it kills them on contact and
also the stomach poison once you have
completed this application then we can
use a spray you want to get a pump
sprayer you want to use product called
how to get rid of german roaches
seismic CS and gin troll mix these two
products in your sprayer pump it up
spray along your baseboards and also
inside your cabinets and all the corners
the second type of application you can
do is using baits I suggest using a
product called Magnum this is a gel bait
comes in a reservoir you want to enter
your cat
again and you want to apply this bait in
all the corners because we're using a
bait mash you come to and feed on it
it's not necessary that we cover the
entire surface area so when you apply it
apply it about the size of a green pea
and you want to spread it out maybe
every three to four feet in different
areas of the cabinetry once they come
and they feed on this product they will
actually go back to their nest when they
defecate other members of the family of
cockroaches and in earlier generations
will feed on their feces so you get this
domino effect of kill so you wipe the
entire colony out it's pretty neat
hey I'm Keith McCoy with solution self
Kim asked us how to do it yourself

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