How To Frame A Wall In A Basement

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today I'm framing an interior door in my
what you always want to remember when
you're framing an interior door is to
make the rough opening 2 inches bigger
than the door so I'm not talking about
the door with the jamb most of us are
probably getting pre hung doors talking
about just the slab door itself and that
will give you roughly 3/4 of an inch gap
around the whole frame here's the door
that I'll be making the rough opening
for and I've marked for two different
stud locations this first stud here is
often called the king stud it's going to
how to frame a wall in a basement
be a stud that continues all the way up
to the floor joist basically this stud
is often called a jack stud these two
studs are sandwiched together this one's
only going to go up to the top of the
door so 82 inches in the case of an 80
inch door so this that's going to carry
up 82 inches now I set my tape to go
right on the line of the jack stud here
and I'm going to now measure and Mark
the other side of your doorway with the
two stud locations your jack stud and
your king stud measure your stud lengths
make sure to put a block down first
this first step was about 90 inches long
how to frame a wall in a basement
remember to measure down the wall at
each step location to account for the
variations in the cement floor measure
for the stud at the top of the doorway
start between the king stud and jack
stud line and measure over to the other
line between the king stud and the jack
stud mark all your studs and get ready
to cut make all your cuts get ready to
build your wall by laying all the studs
out on the ground in their correct
location make sure that the studs line
up with their correct location on the
top plate nail through to your top stud
for your doorframe add a block if
how to frame a wall in a basement
necessary use a helper now hoist up your
wall put it in place
make sure your studs are flush with the
bottom plate and on the line
toenail them in move to the top level
your wall and shoot some nails in to
hold it in place if you left your bottom
plate long you can cut it out with a
sawzall and that's it you're done with
that wall

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