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how to pick shoes to make short legs
look longer Wow shoes wedges pumps heels
mules flats stilettos fit shoes hello
and welcome to videojug when you're
vertically challenged you want to create
the illusion of having longer legs
looking taller is not as hard as it
seems step one back in black consider
wearing all one color down right to your
shoes this creates a long visual line to
look taller pick shoes that accentuate
the calf like a wedge or a heel step 2
no cuffs please if you have shorter legs
you'll want to stay away from wide leg
or cuffed pants as well as ankle strap
how to get longer legs
shoes these styles create horizontal
lines that are unflattering to a smaller
frame if you have short legs also avoid
capri pants and ankle bracelets step 3
cankles if you have no discernible
narrowing from CAFTA ankle you doc
ankles opt for heels to elongate your
calves step 4 point your toes shoes
would point the toes are sexy and then
make the line of your legs look longer
for casual wear pick slim tennis shoes
with pixels to give you a bit of height
so you see it's not necessary to torture
yourself on a Pilates performer to make
yourself taller all you need is these no
how to get longer legs
sweat steps to feature your fabulous
assets done

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